DIFASS supports creativity and crowdfunding

Bratislava, Slovakia was the place to link up for the 7thDIFASS workshop in succession on yet another hot topic in SME support measures:  the creative sector and crowdfunding.
The DIFASS project facilitates access to finance for enterprises by exchanging innovative business support measures across Europe. The focus is on the development and implementation of non-grant based financial support instruments.

Addressing Intellectual Property and Human Capital

Hosted by WSX Enterprise, the DIFASS consortium presented 5 successful regional initiatives to an international audience. CEEI-Burgos attended the two-day workshop the took place in Portsmouth in the UK on September 19-20. It featured 5 so-called Good Practices from several European partner regions, these are innovative business support measures implemented or funded by (semi-) public bodies. Central topics of the meeting were attention for Intellectual Property and the stimulation of Human Capital.